You can taste care, tradition, and quality in every Barcelona hazelnut harvested by Cascade Foods. Our brand prides itself on the highest caliber of cultivation to deliver excellence from our grounds to your table.

Cascade Foods’ produce is shrouded in carefulness, not haste. We are unique in agriculture, and to counteract mediocre, insipid hazelnuts, we believe that time is on our side, so we use it wisely, ensuring our nuts resemble perfection like the Barcelona hazelnut.

The passion Cascade Foods has for hazelnuts is shared with its growers. Our partnership with farmers continues to be a thoughtful and burgeoning relationship, never taking for granted our duty to respect the environment, our employees, and supplying fantastic results.

Superb hazelnuts have placed Cascade Foods in the position to feed domestic and international markets. Founded in 1987, we have developed fortitude, continuing to research ways of improvement, adding more character to our brand. Kosher, certified organic, gluten-free, and Primus GFC are examples of a company that houses the Barcelona hazelnut, whole kernel, in-shell, roasted, and diced hazelnuts.
We are not just satisfied with having one of the highest food ratings in the industry, and our company is exceedingly mindful of how the consumer views us.

Cascade Foods is the kind of sustenance label that our consumers can instantaneously link with trust. Whether using the Barcelona hazelnut for your first praline recipe, nougat, cake, or adding a finishing touch to your salad, Cascade Foods provides a confident comfort to the chef and a delectable experience for those served.