Most consumers have increased their health consciousness which has resulted to increased demand for healthy foods. Filbert supplier, Cascade Foods has gained popularity as more food manufacturers strive to meet high demands for quality nuts. Filbert trees are mostly grown in Oregon, after three to five years they are fully matured and produce hazelnuts. Hazelnuts consumption in the food industry is mainly utilized to make products such as bakery products, spreads and chocolates. Cascades Foods thrives to produce and process the best quality, safest and cost-effective hazelnut products.
Cascade Foods prides its Oregon filbert supplier which produce fresh, quality nuts that come along with an alluring mouth-watering flavor. Cascade Foods is one of the biggest filbert supplier in North America. The health benefits for filberts are numerous. Filberts offer a quick source of plant-based protein. Hazelnuts provide commendable amounts of antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress that result to hypertension. Filberts also offer healthy fats with low cholesterol levels which improves artery health hence improves heart function.
At Cascade Foods consumers are spoilt of choices as there are various products which have been produced from organic hazelnuts. Whole Kernel nuts are available both raw and roasted. They are great for adding as spices, dipping in chocolate and using to make delicious desserts. Cascade Foods also prides to have roasted hazelnuts which can be used in snack industry to bring up snacks with a sweet-smelling aroma of organic filberts. In-Shell is another product of filberts. Shell hazelnuts are a delicious delicacy popularly consumed as a traditional food for Chinese New Year. The shells can also be placed in garden beds to provide a ground cover. Diced hazelnuts are used in bread making, baking candy or grinding into flour. Pre-diced hazelnuts help in saving more time and also less effort while baking. Hazelnuts are delicious source of nutrients which can help in reducing blood fat levels and also prevent inflammation. Filbert supplier ensures that hazelnuts are supplied raw and healthy with no additives to ensure the best output.
Oregon filbert supplier invest heavily on research to fully understand the hazelnut crop to ensure that the quality of nuts is not compromised by adverse environmental conditions. Filberts suppliers have identified that filberts require ideal nutrients, insect protection and the best fertilization techniques. Conclusively, Cascade Foods are ideal food manufacturers of organic hazelnuts products produced from filberts.