We have a lot of different types of nuts you can buy at our store & filbert is not an exception to this rule but just what is this type of nut & how is it different from all of the others? Well, there is a lot to keep in mind. More commonly known as a hazelnut, the filbert was initially thought to date back to the year 1195 more than 8000 years ago after they uncovered evidence of Mesolithic nut processing. They found a large shallow pit that has more than a thousand of these filbert nuts & dated them back to 6000 BCE. It seems to indicate the nuts were harvested just once a year & that all of the hazel trees were chopped down simultaneously. The pit is thought to have originally been a bit closer to the shore but has since been pushed back by climate change. Nowadays, filbert is used in many confections from pralines to chocolate truffles as well as a wide variety of hazelnut butters. They also use it as a type of flour to make Kyiv cake, a type of cake that has become quite popular in Ukraine. They are also known to be a common ingredient in museli, a form of oatmeal served cold. They have become quite popular in a lot of Georgian & Turkish dishes such as churchkhela, a type of candy, and satsivi, which is basically just chicken in walnut sauce. They have been found to be rich in vitamin e & manganese as well as monounsaturated fat & protein. At our store, we have all types of filbert nuts from organic to diced as well as both in shell & out of shell varieties. We also have the whole kernel or the roasted type if you prefer. To learn more, you can visit our website to see our entire selection & inventory. You can also call us with any questions you have.