Some of our most famous customers are food chains. They love to use our hazelnuts as part of their desserts or salads. The famous McDonald hazelnut is a popular product that fast-food customers enjoy thanks to Cascade Foods supplying the goods. You would find these nuts on the franchise’s parfaits and other similar treats. Of course, they provide a healthier alternative to the more salty variety of nuts, and they are organic. We are one of McDonald’s major food suppliers and will usually deliver the diced hazelnuts that they specifically want to meet their needs. If you are looking for the McDonald hazelnut that is used, we are the company that you can get it from.

Our hazelnuts are grown to perfection and come in roasted, shelled, diced, and whole kernel form. You can get them in a variety of different sizes and specifications. They can be used in just about anything from being dipped in chocolate or ice cream, to being eaten in a combination of entrees or specialized healthy salads. Cascade foods believe in shipping good quality products to our clients and that’s why the McDonald hazelnut is one of the best. The company chose us to provide this fresh ingredient to use to their liking. We are proud to be partnered with them.

At Cascade Foods, our mission statement is to please every customer that wants our hazelnuts. It’s good for us to take our time and grow our product right. This helps us to expand globally. Since the McDonald hazelnut is in demand globally by the food chain, we produce large amounts to accommodate the need. That includes making sure that they are packaged and shipped out as soon as possible to every franchise. Also, they will arrive very fresh. Our customers will know that they are the very best we have to offer so they can give their customers the same thing. We believe in striving for excellence.