If you want the highest quality hazelnuts, look for the Cascade Foods brand hazelnuts. This Oregon-based company has a reputation for providing fresh, high-quality, tasty hazelnuts that are loaded with nutrients. Whether you want conventional or organic hazelnuts, Cascade Foods is the right source. They offer the highest quality hazelnuts in the industry. Hazelnuts from Cascade Foods are the perfect tasty, delicious, healthy snack or a great ingredient for baking or making a wide range of dishes. Plus, Cascade Foods is known for ethical sourcing, has certified rigorous growing standards, as well as excellent sustainability practices for the hazelnut trees.

Excellent Processing

Cascade Foods has a legacy of quality when it comes to producing and processing high-quality hazelnuts for sale in the United States and globally. That helps to enhance the hazelnut’s nutritional benefits. Their processing methods produce the best quality
hazelnuts in the industry. Customers value their hazelnuts because their processing enhances their taste, protects the nutrients they contain, and helps the hazelnuts to provide a variety of health and nutritional benefits. That’s because Cascade Foods has safe, efficient, quality-oriented shelling, roasting, and dicing processes that bring out the best in the hazelnuts.

Nutritional And Health Benefits

Quality hazelnuts are not only delicious, they also have a wide range of nutrients. They include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Plus, they help reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure, and decrease blood fat levels. As a result, for more than 30 years hazelnuts have been among the most prized agricultural crops grown in Oregon. Plus, they are very easy to incorporate hazelnuts into people’s diet. Available raw, roasted, whole kernel, or diced, hazelnuts have nutrients that are bioavailable whether the nuts are added to spices, dipped in chocolate, or used when creating trail mixes.

Affordably Priced

Choosing hazelnuts from Cascade Foods is affordable on any budget. For a mere pittance, people of all ages and socioeconomic levels can enjoy this very delicious, nutritious, and versatile nut.