If you’re searching for high-quality wholesale hazelnuts, go no further than this fantastic Oregon firm. Cascade Foods has created a great heritage for over 30 years. Since 2007, they have increased their land from over 20,000 to an incredible 80,000 by 2020. Here you will discover the highest quality, safest, and most economically priced wholesale hazelnuts, with a large selection to pick from. When this firm originally started, it only sold in-shell hazelnuts. Whole kernels, roasted, chopped, and organic hazelnuts are now available.

There is only one mission: to provide you the finest wholesale hazelnuts. That includes more than just nuts. Suppliers, employers, and consumers are all valued equally. They also look after the growers with whom they form agreements. For their hazelnuts, growers are given secure, financially beneficial processing and selling choices.

Did I mention hazelnuts’ health benefits? Hazelnuts, in addition to being one of Oregon’s most cherished agricultural commodities, aid in the reduction of blood fat levels, the regulation of blood pressure, and the reduction of inflammation. But that’s not all. With around 8 percent folate concentration, hazelnuts are the most folate-rich tree nut. Are you unsure what it means? A well-balanced diet high in folate can help minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and depression. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for wholesale hazelnuts. Here you will find sustainable hazelnuts that are high in health benefits. There is no sparkle or beautiful design to catch your attention. Simply said, this is a product that will speak for itself time and time again.